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Neighbourhood Tour

We understand co-coordinating everything can be tricky. Sometime renovations take longer than expected.
Don't let that delay your listing.
Use a 'Neighbourhood Highlight Tour' to help build excitement about the upcoming listing.


Maybe you're an agent who specializes in a specific area.

Pay for one neighbourhood tour and use it on multiple listings.

For these tours, whenever possible we use the drone. This helps to get views not normally seen!
Call us to see if we can fly in your area!

Drone Photo & Video Neighbourhood Tour

Special Promotion price $250

$200 if with a home tour

Home & Neighbourhood Tour Package

Professional Photography,

High Definition Video Tour of the Home.


Drone Photo & Video Tour of Neighbourhood - Closest major intersection.



Custom Website

Special Promotion price $500

Neighbourhood Tour

Home Tour

Helping Real Estate Agents

Embrace the Latest Technology

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